Up in the Sky, it’s a Bird, it’s a Plane…!

No, it’s a bunch of clouds!!

OMG, we haven’t seen this kind of overcast in months! But no promise of rain. And it’s early, and cool, so time to go to Cowboy Action practice… CLANG! CLANG! MISS! CLANG! MISS!
UPDATE: My error in last week’s Match and what I thought was dirty guns (besides me mis-counting and not bringing enough ammo) turns out to be a clearance issue with my Vaqueros and Magtech .44-40 ammo using CBC brass with fractionally thick(er) rims – a connection I had not made or tried before. Live and learn. They run fine in the ’73 Winchester but get a crease in the Rugers that feels like grit, with visible wear on the brass. So that box now says “Rifle Only” on it, and there’s another thing to check when prepping for a Match; ammo functionality. And as long as we’re checking, a box of 225-grain Winchester .44-40 in the cylinders spun just fine…

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2 thoughts on “Up in the Sky, it’s a Bird, it’s a Plane…!

  1. Check functionality. Yuppers.

    During my High Power Rifle days, one of my favorite .223 bullets was the Remington 55 gr HP core-lokt (no longer made). Midway sold them for $70/1000, and their accuracy was outstanding.

    So, one fine day loading ammo, I finish the old batch and started a new one. (Cue Mel Brooks in ‘Blazing Saddles’—“Work-work-work”). I had my die set to seat bullets with .015″ clearance in the mags. Double check and compare OAL? Right.

    Comes match day, and I’m going into prone rapid. Two shots, change mags, two more shots, “CLICK”. At the match director’s discretion, these matches were no alibi, so you kinda needed to figure out a solution quick. No joy for me. By ceasefire, I was up on my knees with the mag in my hand, pounding it on my shooting mat trying to get the cartridges to move. Those new bullets? Yeah, the ogive was just enough longer and perfect to let the rounds load into the mag, but jam trying to feed.

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