Die Panzerbrücke

Every tank-bridge needs some barb-wire, so we installed wicked-spikey Agave plants at each corner. Then in a holiday mood, softened it with bunting…

More tanbark to come – and probably more rocks too, from the pile leftover in the driveway.
Closeup of the patriotic torches:


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10 thoughts on “Die Panzerbrücke

  1. I have a similar problem. Not a dry creek – more of an actual slough. What is the roadbed made of? I think I would have to sink actual pilings to the frost line… but I like it.

  2. What is the bridge deck made of? I have a similar problem in my yard – not a dry creek, more of a slough. And I would probably have to sink actual pilings to the frost line, but I like it.

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