The Bridge at Remagen

The Dry Creek Project has produced a crossing that verily is stout and capable of withstanding a Panzer attack, but it’s not beautiful by much means.

Maybe a couple of strategically placed boulders will offset the pedestrian aspect and create a counterpoint — but still there are no handrails or things of that nature so a drunker lawnmower-driver might plunge awkwardly to an ignominious plight.

However the main point of the project was to manage and improve drainage, and that has yet to be tested…

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15 thoughts on “The Bridge at Remagen

  1. I always thought it would be cool to have a bridge that was just an old railroad flat car dropped into place.

  2. That looks great! Wasn’t that a perpetual ‘slump’, or ‘slough’, or something like a semi-dry pond?

    I remember you always saying it was like a swamp. Hopefully it’ll stay drained now….

    • Hi Jim! Yeh it’s the place that dries out the slowest, and may need expanding but it should drain easier now, plus the ground is built-up more from the house side and that should (fingers crossed) assist in run-off.

    • Here’s hoping it works As Designed.

      A lot more ambitious than out little front yard project, but then we only have about 11,000sqft to worry about….

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