Dry Creek

Dry now because it’s 88-degrees outside. It was 100 yesterday, but we caught a cool breeze or two today – and besides, it’s a dry kinda heat up here…

Anyhow it’s taking shape nicely without much help from me, and the little Kubota tractor is useful to haul the 2-inch rock and also the bigger cobble down from the big pile in the driveway to line it, and the tanbark to edge it.
The twin piles of dirt will become earthen ramps for the bridge so I can drive the mower across from sorta dry land to sorta dry land.

Maybe I’ll stick an umbrella and a beach chair on the tufted-grass island…

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12 thoughts on “Dry Creek

    • I’m absolutely certain your bridge will be a fantastically well made piece of incredible stone work, with perhaps towers at each end and maybe a drawbridge too!
      My mediocre pile of cinderblock, cement, pressure treated 2×10” and chip-stone will pale by comparison, and probably wash away in the next deluge!


  1. I’m currently fabricating some rebar reinforcement for a rather expansive deck build. Welding in the sun and +90% humidity is not pleasant.

    I’ll be boring (with a machine) for piers soon. Oh joy!

    Living the dream, I suppose.

    Cheers, sir.

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    • Living the dream! My neighbor has an auger attachment on his tractor for planting fruit trees that keep gettin eaten by critters. I could have done a lot myself if I spent the $$ but all that equipment is expensive and only occasionally used.


  2. Consider keeping your eye out for a deal on a loader/excavator on CL and the various auction sites. Municipal equipment auctions should also be looked at.
    Think about what size you would find appropriate for your properties. Normally, the bigger the better, but transporting it can get to be a problem if you go too big for your pickup to tow. You might not want to bother getting a trailer, especially for the parking space. You can rent a trailer to move it to the other place if needed.
    Sometimes it can make sense to buy something jointly with a friend or neighbor or two. (liability needs to be considered)

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    • With this much work to do a tractor is nice to have, plus all the attachments available can expand your working scope. The little one is cute and 4-wheel drive, but it still bounces around a lot and I can see why a bigger and heavier one could do more smoothly.


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