Spray Rig

I got the Spotlyte 15-gal sprayer the year before last but didn’t find a use for it until now. With Spring bursting out and much of the broadleaf dock wrangled-up, a noxious new Devil’s Spawn emerged in the gap: Erodium cicutariumhas AKA Storksbill AKA Redstem Filaree… Having spread so widely and rapidly throughout the field it required a put down, and we went to the specialty Agricultural Supply outfit for a dose of herbal euthanasia. Also I needed a bigger (longer) wand for application with a fan-shaped nozzle instead of just a simple blaster-gun.

The little Black Wagon of Mud, Branches, and Death was put into service as a vehicle — but first I needed to secure the tank somehow. I measured-out and screwed down the straps that came with the big plastic jug, according to the molded-in pattern on the thing…

We would soon find out how well that worked, but first a test of the system was in order using water. Hook up the electrical ledes to the mower, flip the switch to “On” and turn the flow-valve to “go”…and Spray!

After mixing the proper dosage and including a surfactant for adhesion, we discovered that bouncing around the field easily overcame the minor obstacle the the straps presented, and the jug jiggled loose banging around the wagon and the secondary ledes disconnected, halting the sprayer. So without totally re-doing the straps, we re-positioned them and it stayed-put nicely.

It was nice to work on a beautiful day with mild temperatures and almost no wind, because I wouldn’t want that weed-juice blowing back into my face.

UPDATE: With rain banished by circling high-pressure and temps climbing to 86° today, the first week of consistent over 70-degree weather has arrived, and the end of Spring. May ends on a hot note and it appears we are in for another week of nicey-nice before the heat and the awesomeness of Summer…

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  1. Would it be prohibitive cost wise for you to put in a well? Seems like it would be great not to depend on the whims and and expense of an irrigation district.

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  2. Not only are your guns illegal (or soon will be) but everything you spray causes cancer. How do you stand it there?

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  3. Already hot here in Red Bluff. The grass has turned from verdant green to yellow in less than a week. A short spring this year. We planted my BIL & SIL’s big vegetable garden today, and I finished pruning the suckers and oaks out of their rose garden. Trying to be as much help as possible while I’m partaking of their hospitality.

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    • You have water restrictions, I thought you were on a well. They are trying to meter wells around here, is that what is happening there?


    • My neighbor has a well. I think wells around here are OK, not being metered – wish I was one one because the Irrigation District can be expensive…


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