Daylight-Saving Time

The arrival of Daylight-Saving Time reminds us that Winter is not much longer here abouts, and with brilliant days like yesterday and today, surrounded by slatting storms – that the March lion is roaring.
So, given yesterday’s warm weather, we set-to in the yard. Cutting back the overgrown roses, weeding, cleaning up the daffodils, and de-limbing a few low-hanging head-knockers on the big pine tree that argued with its symmetry. You don’t miss them when they are gone. The little chainsaw-on-a-stick works marvelously, but I don’t like to use it alone.

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9 thoughts on “Daylight-Saving Time

  1. I’ve got a Worx unit. I’ve come to the conclusion that it needs to be used from a ladder, for the most part. Lots safer if the limb is at or below your level. Only took me TWO trees to figure this out…LOL. Just amazing how branches can move when you cut them. What fooled me was cutting up a fallen tree first. Makes one think they understand gravity. Doesn’t really translate to trimming a standing tree.
    BTW, if you are getting hit with oil drops from the chain, that is a CLUE. Means you are within striking/falling range of the piece you are cutting. A hard hat is STRONGLY recommended.

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  2. I love my chainsaw on a stick. However I did come very close to braining myself with a couple hundred pounds of tree limb when using it one time at an awkward angle between a fence and the house where I couldn’t get any other angle on the limb. The limb came down and fortunately broke the saw and the ladder instead of my head.

    Let’s be careful out there kiddies.

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