Petition to Create the 51st State of Jefferson!

The Jeffersonians are getting uppity HERE. This is the full text of the petition; they had to reduce the characters to fit on the petition. Go ahead and sign it.

Petition to Create the 51st State of Jefferson!

WHEREAS, The State Legislature with the help and collusion of Governor Brown have violated Article 1 Section 8, clause 4, of the United States Constitution, (which gives Congress the power to enact all uniform rules over Naturalization), The executive and legislative branches of California have declared themselves above the law and have willfully violated their oath of office by passing legislation declaring California a Sanctuary State; and

WHEREAS, the Governor and all of the voting members of the California Legislature, and its Attorney General, are knowingly and willfully in violation of United States Code of Regulations Title 8, Section 1324( iii, iv, v1, v2, v3), for concealing, shielding, harboring, aliens who have illegally entered the United States; and

WHEREAS, the California Legislature and its Governor have conspired to and did in fact conclude climate change agreements with foreign powers in order to diminish and degrade the legitimate foreign policy of the United States and its lawfully elected President. These illegal agreements are violations of Article 1, Section 10, clause 3, of the United States Constitution as well as Article 3, Section 1, and Article 20 (oath of office), of the California Constitution; and

WHEREAS, the State Legislature of California with the collusion and aid of the Governor exempt themselves from laws to which the citizens are subject. The California legislature has exempted itself from “show good cause” provisions of concealed carry regulations. The effect is to disarm its citizens while the government remains armed.

WHEREAS, the California Legislature with the collusion and approval of the Governor has violated the public’s trust by unlawfully burdening our exercise of our Second Amendment rights. They have unlawfully enacted controls on interstate commerce to deny the citizens of California access to firearms and ammunition which are commonly and routinely purchased by the citizens of other states; and

WHEREAS, the Governor, the State’s Attorney General, and the legislature, as well as the governments of all of the large urban cities, have openly declared their full intention to fight and resist the Constitution of the United States in order to further the above mentioned acts.

THEREFORE, the representatives of the 23 Jefferson Counties, in general assembly and by unanimous consent, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the World for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the name of, and by the authority of the people of the counties of Jefferson, solemnly publish and declare, that these the counties of Jefferson by right of Almighty God ought to be free of tyranny, free to seek our Liberty, and our fortunes as the sovereign state of Jefferson, equal to any other State in the Union. We petition the United States Government, to immediately declare that the State of California is engaged in insurrection and sedition, and further declare under Article 4, Section 3, U.S. that the Counties of Jefferson are now and by right the 51st State, separate and sovereign from the tyranny of California, now and forever.

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25 thoughts on “Petition to Create the 51st State of Jefferson!

  1. It does seem like the most likely scenario wherein this happens is, in fact, California secession, Jefferson’s reapplication. It would be difficult for the new nation of California to argue, either legally or otherwise, that Jefferson’s secession was invalid, having just finished setting the precedent. They would, of course, try to make that argument, but I’m guessing they’d have to do it with their newly formed military. Wouldn’t that be popcorn worthy, watching the liberal, peacenik, anti-gun government, as their first official action, invade the northern half of their territory to suppress a rebellion.

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    • I think it’s safe to say that the CA National Guard would come up and join Jefferson rather than go down the path of madness that California is descending. The whole point of Jefferson is an antidote to the budgetary and fiscal insanity of One-Party Rule in Sacramento.


  2. Signed.
    That’s a really pathetic response from the citizens. Not enough people paying attention. I guess things don’t look bad enough, yet.

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    • The difference being that this is just some guy’s idea, but the Jefferson movement has actual county committees and people doing things, like today’s demonstration in Sac at the Capitol building. Thousands of actual people are behind it and working on issues.


  3. I think it would be flippin’ hilarious if Kalifornia actually managed to secede, followed by Jefferson immediately doing the same, the re-joining the USA.

    The Stars and Stripes would still have the same number of stars.

    Jefferson would have Shasta, Oroville, and (most of) Folsom reservoirs.

    What’s left of Kalifornia should be named Baja North.

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  4. I take it that this was modeled on the petition that separated the Virginias. It doesn’t sound like it but I could be wrong. To divide a state, you need the assent of the governor and the U.S. Congress. The petition doesn’t look like the sort of thing governor moonbeam would assent to. Good luck with it anyway. I assume this is only for Jeffersonians to sign?

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