Drain the Swamp!

Turns out it was a buried irrigation line, not electric. So I started pulling it up in one direction, then the other. It’s empty and just gurgles. Don’t know where it could possibly have been feeding-from, but I got about twenty-feet pulled-up before I decided not to risk my back further and turned my attention to the swamp and began to cut watery turf. Just me and my shovel.
After about an hour and a couple bottles of water, I had nearly doubled the size of the mud-pit and banked-up turf in various low-spots, as well as filling-in about half of the rocky brown-patch.
There’s a couple dumper-wagon loads of mud to take up and fill-in the old burn-pile ditch, but with this fine weather it’s hard not to just keep at it making hay while the sun shines.
It’s fun to see progress being made, bit by bit, but now I’d better throw a couple mosquito “dunks” into that mess where there’s standing water…

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11 thoughts on “Drain the Swamp!

  1. I’d be looking at your backyard and wondering if there was enough room to lay out a minimoto track for 80cc dirtbikes. (do they still exist?) That would be my idea of exercise, if I could ride.

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  2. We need to do a bunch of drainage work here. I got permission from the town to run drains out to the road side ditch, so the front should be comparatively easy if life will cooperate. The back is going to have to wait. At some point in the near future the entire septic and leach will have to be replaced with a raised bed system and I refuse to put the effort into fixing the drainage problems only to have it all dug up…..

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    • I’m glad I don’t have to re-do the septic and leech here, I just dug it out the year before last, and put new risers and caps on it!
      I figure my drainage channel will benefit my neighbors because it will add water to the place where his cows go to drink. I’m on the backside of a hill, and in the low spot as it is…


    • OLD grandfathered system. Which we were NOT told when we bought the place……local septic companies will empty the tank, but if it ever needs more work than that it’ll have to be replaced. And I’d rather do it on our schedule than in an emergency, but it’s going to have to wait till we can save up for it too.

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