Playing in the mud

After the morning frost dissipated and the sun rose up high enough to make a good temperature difference – which was around 10:00AM – I put on my muck-boots and advanced into the wet pasture to begin channel-making.
At first I was just going to spray weed-killer on the Broadleaf Dock, the nasty-soupy carrot-rooted plant that infests and traps brackish water, then sends up a stalk of ten-thousand seeds to propagate itself – the stuff of which I had pulled-up over fifty bags last year. Meh.
The small channel that I had gouged with my boot-heel before the last rain was moving water off the field rather well, so I decided to go back and get the shovel and do some drainage improvements. Also the pre-emergent that I spread in the Fall combined with Scott’s turf-builder “Weed and Feed” meant that I had a lot of actual grass growing instead of just prairie-crap like the Dock (and Thistles and Sedge). Now I had/have an opportunity to cut out whole rooted grass chunks and build-up low-lying areas, so I began that too over by the fence line, carrying shovels-full of grass that dripped shovels-full of water at the same time.
Large patches are still pretty squishy where still-water is standing, and there is much more to do – but on a fine and mild day like this I had to make mud while the sun shined! Rain is forecast for tonight and part of tomorrow, then Tuesday is supposed to be clear before another storm blows in Wednesday.

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11 thoughts on “Playing in the mud

  1. Dock. That’s what it is. Echo, echo, echo.

    I have that stuff too. Clay with moderate drainage that can’t keep up in the winter (Pacific NW so lot’s of rain. I keep pulling it up with dandelion digger and it keeps popping up in different places. I’ll have to try the suggestions above and see what works for me.

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  2. When I was a lad growing up south of you in Amador county, I got a kick out of putting on my rain gear and jr. muck boots and then wading through all the little run off streams in the rain.

    As for weeds like Dock, I recommend keeping a trigger bottle handy loaded with brush killer plus a few drops of detergent as a surfactant


  3. The ups and downs with the weather, I feel ya.

    Went from about 5 degrees to 65 in the span of 36 hours over last weekend and then another downturn to 28 with whiteout blizzard conditions and a strong wind last night.

    We are expecting another warm up to almost spring-like temps by Thursday.

    Thanks for the reminder to put down some pre-emergent. Lord knows my lawn needs it.

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  4. Dock! Thats what that crap is!

    I didn’t quite care enough to go searching, but it is SUCH a PIA to get rid of! I’ve been trying to maintain a small section of wildflowers to help keep pollinators around (the first year I gardened I had to hand pollinate, it was pitiful), and that stuff keeps popping up in the middle of things.

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    • That’s the crap! It especially likes standing water, and roots down to block and hold water, too. I’ve pulled up bags and bags of it, cut and mowed it down, and spread pre-emergent on it. Now I guess the “dry creek” is another kind of fix…


    • Standing water I have too. No wonder I’m having such a time of it. Even a carefully applied dose of regular Roundup killed didn’t it completely (it came back from the same root). I had to pour undiluted 20% vinegar on it directly (not just spray the leaves, but pour it into the plant and soak the soil around it) to kill it. Pulling it is a PIA, cause of that root, though I did discover that the 3 pronged dandelion puller actually does a pretty good job of it if its a spot I can get at.

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    • Last year we had so much rain that my little 42” mower couldn’t get at the stuff until it dried out – it would have sunk in the “swamp” – so by the time I got out there it was three feet tall! I got in a lot of exercise yanking out as much as I could, but a lot still remains. Also got concentrate of Roundup Pro at my local “Fruit-growers Association” and applied at stronger %…


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