A bit here, a bit there

A little rain here, a little rain there, but still way behind schedule and averages.
And a little stress here, a little stress there…doing the Estate work; corralling the funds and getting the documents – it’s a minefield for someone with a little financial acumen as I have. But it will be OK, this is all temporary.
Meanwhile I took the Rossi ’92 into the gun-slicker and he’ll do his magic. There are some sharp edges that need radiusing. I just didn’t feel like tearing into it myself at this time.

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7 thoughts on “A bit here, a bit there

  1. Would you be so kind as to keep us (me) posted, as to the results with the Rossi?

    I just “early-inherited” my Step-Mom’s ’92 Rossi Puma, large loop, 16″ bbl., in .357/.38. It’s had less than one full box of ammo through it. Oh yeah… it has the saddle ring, too.

    She’d bought it for herself on her 76th birthday, and now at 89-1/2, decided she’d rather see me enjoy it. Which, I intend to do.

    It’s a joy to shoot with .38s, and I’ll give ‘er a whirl with some brisk .357s, just to see how she handles.

    It’ll be the companion gun to my S&W Model 28 in .357/.38. Yee haw!

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

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    • Hi Jim, what a treasure! The .357 feels like nothing in the ‘92 that I tried and is a popular Cowboy caliber because of low cost and ease of reloading. Enjoy that!


  2. It is only a temporary thing. I hope it goes as smoothly as possible for you.

    Can hardly wait to get out of Calif and away from the impossibly unjust gun laws, taxes, permits, sanctuary stuff and a few dozen other things…

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    • There’s a couple smiths up here, and one’s less than a mile away. This fellow is a AGI certified and a Life NRA guy who seems pretty good so I thought I’d give him a try.


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