Frozen Tundra

Cold and gray with high-clouds filtering the wan sunlight – it’s not that bad, but the frost has been on everything the last weeks and the High Country has snow and I’ve been looking for a better winter work-jacket/coat. Carhartt is popular around here for that. And some fleece lined pants, check!

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  1. Milwaukee Tools came out with a small line of heated outerwear a few years ago. Hoodies, vests, and jackets. They normally use the 12v lithium tool batteries that power their medium duty tools. For severe applications, you can utilize the 18v heavy duty tool batteries.

    Some of the other tool companies copied them, so there is some variety in quality/cost/service, it seems.

    The Milwaukee stuff uses a carbon firbre heating element, and can be cleaned in your washer. Claim is the small batteries can last all day. They have a heat control built into the jacket.

    I bought a hoodie, but have not had an opportunity to use it, yet. Already have tools, so something of a no-brainer.

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  2. At one point, SiG marketed a jacket that everybody thought was actually a Carhartt, Except that it had a internal gun pocket capable of concealing a Smith M29. One of those elastic holsters though so I would not trust anything striker fired in it.

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  3. I though part of the definition of Tundra ( without bothering to look it up ) is that it is frozen; though that is not the same when heard as saying frozen ice , for example.

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    • I think the redundancy was originally coined in Woody Allen’s “Play It Again, Sam” (1972). In those days, there were still a few alphanumeric phone numbers around (and no cellphones), so you might say “you can reach me at Rubber Ducky Six Five-Thousand.”
      In the movie, the love interest’s (Diane Keaton) businessmen husband (Tony Roberts) is constantly telling people where he can be reached. In one scene, Woody fantasizes that Roberts is going to the arctic for several years and the fantasy is capped by Roberts saying “you can reach me at Frozen Tundra 69290.”

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    • I’ll disagree. Tundra is frozen when it’s freezing and not frozen when it’s not. Season, just like anywhere else. Tundra is just an area where plant growth is hindered by short growing seasons.

      My quibble would be that there are an awful lot of trees around the edges for it to be a tundra, but I guess the bit in the middle might have shorter growing seasons and qualify.

      See what you get for trying to be descriptive in your titling? LOL

      I have heated motorcycle gear that plugs into the bike’s battery. Very useful, especially here in the Pacific NW where the cold season is much longer than the snow and ice season. Not great for working since you’d have to carry a motorcycle battery around with you. I’m thinking about a Carhardt jacket for working around the yard. I just wear my regular jacket but it’s bulky and gets in the way.

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    • The trees around the edges are where it’s not swampy when it rains. If it rained and then froze…there’s your tundra. This morning at 30-degrees the whole field was sparkling with ice crystals. The BMW has heated grips but that’s it.


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