Christmas dilemma

UPDATE 12/11 – Dilemma resolved, 40-someything cards went out. Some got an update, others not.

Really don’t know what to do about Christmas cards this year. Not everybody on the list knows, and it’s a lousy way to make an announcement. Maybe just the sign the cards and leave the extra personalization off.


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4 thoughts on “Christmas dilemma

  1. Probably not the subject for a holiday card. “Be of Good Cheer” and all that….

    Maybe send a note separately in January. Say you didn’t want to darken the holidays.

    I know the feeling. My dad passed in the 2nd week of December. Can soft-pedal the holidays for a while, though if there are any young kids expecting Santa, that can help brighten eveyone’s mood.

    Good luck with everything.

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