Another Busy Weekend

Starting Friday at 5:00AM, we got up early for the 3-hour drive. On our final stretch into the Bubble we picked up Mom and Dad’s ashes and got the Death Certificates for Dad, ending up at a 2:00PM appointment with the Bank-People, who were nice. Rather successful job doing a huge amount of cleaning-up, and rather than pay $120 in BayAryan Dump-Fees, we drove home Monday with the truck loaded down with 47 bags of assorted trash and household junk, and paid just $12 local-dump fees. (Updated 12/6) A thick layer of frost on the field this morning, and now more paperwork. I need some large envelopes so a visit to WalMart will be upcoming.

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  1. when my girls’ father died 3+ years ago, his parents took over everything to the extreme. he had left and divorced us years earlier, and his parents hate(d) me with a vengeance, so they went to extreme measures to keep thing from our girls just to keep things from me. as i look back i see that i created ways to help my girls (and me) grieve their dad, ways to go through his ‘stuff’ of life and to ‘let go.’ it seems unending, the things that come up, still, to work through. but it’s cathartic. necessary.

    what a gift your parents gave you in who they were; priceless. beauty in the pain.

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    • In fact since Palo Alto eliminated their shoreline dump several years ago, they have decided that now they are a “Zero Waste” city – or something, and everything must be recycled or composted or something. Also the city’s noise ordnance fine for using a gas-powered leaf-blower is $250 to “Jose the Gardener” AND $250 to Joe Homeowner for a $500 total…


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