Prairie to Pasture to Parkland

Well not quite parkland, probably never, but I had a hankering to get some tanbark down around the trees and see how much floats-off during the winter. With an initial load of twelve bags for two trees (6-each) and results that appealed, I got up early this morning and went to Home Depot for another sixteen bags for the larger (and smallest) trees. I spread the bark with an eighteen inch gap around at the trunk (conveniently the width of my steel rake), and stomped-around in a circle to make a four-inch deep apron. Or thereabouts.
The big oak I’m leaving alone because it get’s the most wet under there.

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4 thoughts on “Prairie to Pasture to Parkland

    • Rain is awful slow in coming, didn’t show up last night as told, but it’ll come. Need to get a backup M&P 9mm because “two is one” and I took the Ed Brown off the CCW!


    • I get that with a lawn or something nice but all I have is weeds and nasty-ass crap – no grass to speak of, and my Nursery guy advised to keep it off and away from the trunk itself so the 18-inch perimeter…and maybe the rains will wash it all into the next field. But the roots are uneven around the trunks and maybe it will keep some of the weeds down while making mowing easy or at least faster. Anyhow the exercise of carrying thirty bags of bark is good for me. 🙂


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