Harvest moon

The sun just came up over the treeline, and with all the smoke in the air it’s a bright orange globe that could be mistaken for a harvest moon. Pumpkin colored. Smells smokey in the garage and there’s a thick overcast of haze. Our prayers go out to the people who lost everything in a flash, whole neighborhoods. And it’s cold today.

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    • The shock for most is that many suburban neighborhoods and subdivisions went up in the inferno, people assume quite a bit of security in those places – that the Fire Dept. will show up, that the city water and sewer always works, that they can freely walk their dogs, that the power is always on… and when that fails they do not know what to do because it’s always been like that for them. The shock of system failure is enormous.


  1. People that haven’t been around wild fires have no idea how fast and dangerous they can be.

    Friend in Idaho nearly lost her place to one, and the hardworking young neighbor who had just started to move into his large dream house lost the house and all the barns. They had both put in far above minimum cleared space, but the fire was so hot and fast that it really didn’t help much. Both places are on or near the crest of a ridge.
    A HS friend & her husband lost their beautiful home in Napa and a SIL’s brother’s winery is still in harms way.
    The N wind is blowing again, but thankfully not as bad as it has been.

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    • I have an overnight bag with clothes and stuff ready to go in case of emergencies. It happens so fast and in some cases they had no notice at all. I’m kinda down in a hollow and I’m not sure that’s good either, but ridgelines are beautiful even while they can attract some dangers. Been Smokey and dim here all day as if it were 5:00pm all day.


  2. My sis back home but all neighbours gone and police will probably ask her to leave again, she has seen looters in the area and I’m hoping she and husband loaded up a couple of those old pieces they have in cabinet. Sometimes dreary damp England seems ok!

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    • At least she and him are safe and out of danger thank God, and I hope those old things in the cabinet have been loaded with 00 buck! God I hate looters, what despicable parasites.


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