Rockin’ the Embankment

The heat has broken and cooler weather has arrived – this week anyhow. The morning dawned cloudy and in the 50’s, low and chilly compared to last month’s overnight average of mid 70’s or more. And in advance of the next Monsoon we have been laying-up stones on the embankment. Some of the bigger ones weigh a good 80-lbs or more.
Perhaps this can ease the runoff and sluicing mud that ran down the embankment last year off my neighbor’s driveway in the Great Seasonal Deluge of Global Warming. Since we have one home with a surfeit of rocks, that is from-where we have been able to contribute. Meanwhile the “Wayne’s Silver” California fuchsia has thrived over the summer and the hummingbirds love it. Towards the middle is the remaining stump from the 14-foot high now dead butterfly bush, and about where the cascade emerges.

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4 thoughts on “Rockin’ the Embankment

  1. How did you get a “dead” butterfly bush? I planted one, not knowing it was a noxious weed. In two years the stump became about a foot across. I cut it back with a chainsaw and started to dig out the stump but couldn’t get around it and didn’t want to run the chainsaw in dirt. This year, I have a butterfly bush.

    My current plan is to just keep cutting it back as fast as it grows, keep it about three feet tall, and hope. I know, hope is not a strategy but short of renting a backhoe …

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    • Perhaps it was at the end of it’s life? It was over ten feet tall and bent over like a hoop, and we curt it all back and left just a big stump, which I poured RoundUp onto the exposed bark surfaces. Maybe that helped kill it.


  2. Hope it all functions like you want it to. I like how you have mixed the rock sizes. The gorilla hair has had time to mesh and not be too prone to floating away. Looking good.

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