Hobby Cart Update

Went down to the local feed-store and got some leather spur-straps to secure the rifle and scatter-gun. “Youth” size, $4.99 – and I flipped the hinge around because it interfered. Also paint.

Meanwhile over at Cemex the Basilite terrace block came-in and we put the five-foot diameter circle down out in the pasture. 20-blocks to a course. Looks like a fire pit but it’s not. We’ll see what happens when it rains and all the water comes up through there. There will probably be some settling and maybe I’ll add another course.

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9 thoughts on “Hobby Cart Update

  1. Without a support, the lid hinges will eventually bend or pull out the screws. You might consider moving the original lid mounts around to a long side to see if that would work. If you were thinking of using the lid as a shelf, it will need a prop, or much heavier hinges, and the lid may need those two strips reinforced to keep it from coming apart.

    I would have been inclined to leave the box unpainted, but it now can be used for other purposes in public view without shouting “gun owner”.

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    • The two strips kinda get in the way when trying to relocate the hinges to a different mounting location, and they are pinned through, not just nailed, so to move them would tear up the wood. It’s all temporary anyhow!


  2. Nice rig. I can relate having trundled my wheeled Highpower stool from the 500 yard line to the pits and back many times. I would reverse your box so that the lid can be latched open against the frame. Spiffy looking wheels, but they need wood spokes and iron rims to go with the theme.

    I also have a soft spot for old wooden ammo crates. I have even gone so far as to break out the wood glue and screws to make them whole and put them back in service.

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    • The wheels are not period correct, that’s for sure! I tried it with the lid going the other way but then the long guns didn’t fit against the yoke. The angle was wrong and too steep since the box is short.
      Still a work in progress and may require a lager and deeper “yoke” for the guns, and wood spoke, iron wheels!


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