We have been enjoying temperatures in excess of 100°+ Fahrenheit for the last few days/weeks (107° yesterday), and I have come to learn that has something to do with tomato production:

When days hit 85°F to 90°F and nights hover above 75°F, tomato flowers often fail to pollinate, then drop — which in turn puts new fruit production on hold. The longer the heat lasts, the longer those tomato flowers will continue to hit the pause button. In short, hot weather can delay your tomato crop.

…and I have also learned something about “Determinate” and “Indeterminate” tomatoes. Indeterminate tomatoes grow out of control unless you prune them, and I have Indeterminate ones, so the giant tomato cage I made from a 4×8 section of screen fencing, cut and bent into a square, is a good thing except that I didn’t prune anything. And now the San Marinzano’s have grown up and out of it, and being that are kind of a one-shot tomato – they fruit-up and the plant dies – and with the heat the plant is now brown and crispy. Buh-bye! Anyhow we got a couple colanders of fruit off them and made some sauce, and that is what they are for.
Meanwhile the indeterminate cherry tomato plant has spread out to cover most of the planter-bed, and the small cage that “housed” it is invisible underneath the tangled and twisted vines – and it’s still producing so it’s a hot-climate pant. Maybe next year I’ll try a Determinate plant and get a second-season of growth and fruit (after a second planting), instead of having this wild and wooly, raggedy tangle of vine hanging about all summer long.
Meanwhile this morning dawned with a pink cast to the sky as the sun rose, still a warm 80° at 6:00AM with night time temps barely breaking into the upper 70’s, but the promise of cooler days ahead. Happy Labor Day and God Bless and keep-safe the people of the Hurricane, in Texas and the Gulf Coast.

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6 thoughts on “Heat

  1. My tomato plants weren’t happy with the 110+ degree days we have been having, covered them with shade cloth, but they are toast. 115 here yesterday, only made it to 109 today. Lots of smoke from the surrounding fires, barely 1.5 mile visibility.

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  2. Rode through Yuma a couple years ago in August and it was 86 degrees at 6 am when I walked out of my hotel. I was on the road 15 minutes later getting the heck out of there before it started to heat up. It has been in the 80s here by the coast in NW Washington and 90s inland. Nice so long as you aren’t working, but I am starting to look forward to winter, cold and wet.

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  3. Been pretty hot down here the last week, too. Finally broke, and it’s only about 85* today, but the humidity is 65%, and we’re supposed to get rain this afternoon and tonight….

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