Everything in Moderation

Friday was overcast with high cloud-cover, but still an overnight low of 70.9°F it never cooled much, until this morning rang in at a low and chilly 61.8°F. That’s ten degrees cooler than the last two weeks.
With rising hammerhead-clouds all along the spine of the Sierra and moisture from the south, the heat broke yesterday only clocking in at 89.3°F – cool enough to take the cover off the Weber and grill a mess of chicken thighs.
It’s like summer came back, after the heat inferno.
And the Vaquero showed up yesterday, so I went and handled it, ran the paperwork, and get to wait ten days. It’s a nice stick.
Today the skies over the spine of the mountains are thick with more tall clouds. There is some serious weather up on top today.
I bought a fancy silver hatband for my straw ranch-hat at the local feed-store. The folks there are very nice, and looking at the racks of horse-shoes and equipment reminded me of working that gold sluice-box in Colorado and up in the Trinity Alps of NorCal — and packing all that gear up and down the mountain-side on horseback. Fun times, makes me almost want to get a pony.


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6 thoughts on “Everything in Moderation

  1. There is a guy who has recently shot a video series of hunting for gold in AK. Has a u-tube channel. Normally hunts for Civil War relics in eastern rivers. Handle is Aquachigger. Entertaining fellow. I always learn something when I watch him. Since you have mentioned you did a bit of gold hunting, thought you might check it out.

    • Sounds interesting, I may have to check that out – though I seldom go to YouTube for anything, I somehow get very impatient when I watch videos on the computer, so I mostly don’t.

    • Having the idea of a pony is almost as good as an actual pony…but Ride the High Country is popular up here! Just need a trailer and a bunch of this-and-that stuff…

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