Hot and Steady

Yesterday’s 105.5°F was preceded by a 107.5°F and today we’re only at 104.4°F so a cooling trend is in the works! Thing is, it only get’s down to about 72°F at night, so there’s not a lot of cooling-off that takes place. Meanwhile there is a steady 3-5mph breeze gusting from the south that is not cool air either, it’s a hot wind a-blowin’ up the mountains and fire danger is extreme with only 10% humidity.

Found a second ’96 .44-40 Vaquero that is coming this way, a 5-1/2″ stainless one so I will have a mismatched set in both color and lengths. Thinking the short one could be in a cross-draw holster, while the slightly longer one could ride on the right. Not sure how this-all works, besides having a new shopping objective.

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4 thoughts on “Hot and Steady

  1. BACK when I was running .45 Blackhawks, I had a 7 1/2″ in the crossdraw, shorty in the ( right ) strong-side holster . Did not have to lift the strong side gun straight up as far to clear the holster that way. Just how I dun it.

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    • Good point, thank you for the comment and input! That’s especially true of the long barrel on the 7 1/2″ that it takes a while to pull and your elbow is climbing the whole way!


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