Yesterday was 107+, today is set to be higher – and it’ll hit 110° by Thursday…and there are skiers still hitting the slopes up around Tahoe. Record breaking in all sorts of ways, including some enforced indolence!   And the new windows are in at The Low Granite Outcropping – should be cooler and quieter.

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8 thoughts on “Heatwave

  1. Been in the 110 range here all week and supposed to continue into next week, when it is reportedly going to drop to 98-96. This house is tight, and I run the whole house fan in the early early morning, and shut it up, turn the a/c to 82 and live with it. But I’m thinking I could move up to be closer to my son and have a huge tax benefit, open carry (not that I would), and weather that is considered hot at 89 degrees…

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    • There’s a lot to like about what you mention! We’ve been dealing with a little less than that a little less than that in the upper-mid 100’s, the main downside is that enjoying the outdoors it the chief attraction here and the heat makes that difficult – upside being that the field is cut and there’s less to do that must be done!


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