Project Critter-Getter

The Butler Creek sling is one that mimics a military sling but is only 1″ wide, has awful little round keepers and shiny gold hooks, had to be smashed flat to get it through the sling swivel, and appears to be made out of material from James Comey’s purse. The scope is a now obsolete and discontinued Nikon 4×32 .22 LR rimfire. The rings and base are a mismatched (shiny/matte) mongrel 10/22 set from Leupold off eBay. The jury is still out on the sling, maybe I can find a decent used-one made from real leather.

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  1. My neighbor told me how to handle urban skunks. Put out a live trap inside a trash bag. If the skunk can’t see you, he won’t spray. Bait it with dog or cat food and check carefully by peeking around the opening in the bag. If you’ve got a skunk, pick the whole thing up, keeping the open end pointed away from you, move it to your drive, close the trash bag as much as possible, and place the open end next to your autos exhaust pipe.

    5 minutes of idling and you can dump the now defunct kitty into the bag and put it out for the trash man, odor free. He got 7 of them in 2 weeks that way.

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    • I heard the same using a dog food bag! Fortunately I live in the country now, and my 4×4 truck’s exhaust is kinda elevated. I’d hate to be his trash guy, but odor free is good.


    • Check your shop vacuum hose for fit over the tailpipe. At idle, the pipe and exhaust gases should not be hot enough to damage the hose. Avoid the use of any sort of tape, as the adhesives residue will become near permanent. An old clothes dryer hose might also work, with a clamp, after removing some of the wire reinforcement.

      Not as fun/satisfying as shooting them, obviously!

      I’m wondering why you couldn’t just close up the bag, and let it expire for lack of oxygen? Do they spray inside the trap if they suffocate too slowly?

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  2. Not sure I would worry too much about a sling, unless that is to be your only means to stabilize the gun. I would be more interested in a bipod or something. But then I was never a very good shot with a .22

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    • I figure I’ll be shooting off the deck-rail with a sandbag, but the sling is just to hang it over my shoulder and get free hands.
      With this bright scope I better not miss! But I do think too that a bigger/heaver rifle is easier to stabilize!


  3. “…and appears to be made out of material from James Comey’s purse”


    Brownells has their Latigo sling (in black even) in 1 and1 1/4″ widths, and I use this sling on almost all of my hunting rifles, including my 10/22. It’s pretty trick, I think, since you can adjust it from an “in-safe,” position (taught) to mountable, ready to fire, in about 2 seconds.

    Gotta follow the instructions with the measuring and cutting to length, but after proper set up, they’re slick.

    Weidmanns Heil.

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    • With the exception of the oooober-tactical AR #2, which of course has a convertible 2/1 point black nylon web sling, all my slings are Whelen slings. Gawd, I should remember, but I think they’re all by Boyt, made in harness leather. 1″, but really, that’s no big deal. Very durable, and stylish, for certain definitions of stylish. But if all you want is a carry sling, Erin likes the Echosling, which got a decent review at SurvivalBlog too, at least for durability. Good price too, seems to me. If you have an upholstery sewing machine, you could make one! Well, the Boyt “military” slings aren’t that expensive, new.

      I’ve read lots of good stuff about the Latigo. Just don’t have any reason, right now, to buy one to try it out. But those keepers on that Butler? Wow.

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    • Whelen sounds good, I’ve read a bunch about him and he knew his stuff. The cheap QD swivels are also a problem with a narrow (thin) opening that doesn’t allow rivets and leather to pass through unless hammered flat.


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