Scope for 10/22

Looking at tool-useage more consistent with close-in purposes and not 100-yard plus bragging distance, I’m kinda thinking a fixed 4x power, or a very low power variable in the 2×7 range – and one with enough light gathering power for good optical clarity with old and lousy eyesight – but not very heavy, or a big bell either… 

A lot of big “reach-out” scopes don’t seem to be able to focus very well in at close ranges, like 10 or 20 yards, where the problem critters are.

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14 thoughts on “Scope for 10/22

  1. I had similar thoughts about 12 or 15 years ago and picked up a Simmons .22 Mag fixed power, 4×32, for about fifty bucks, and it came with rings, I think.

    Pure Chinesium, but it does seem to do the trick, and I think you can adjust the focus down to ranges inside your living room.

    Good luck.

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    • Hell no! At least twenty yards is right off the deck and too close, but some of the super duper long range scopes don’t hardly let you shoot in focus at less than 50 yards


    • I’ve been looking at those and they are definitely 10/22 worthy, wish they still made a fixed 4x but might find one around here or eBay… the big problem is as people work to reach out and out do each other, the close in hunting focus goes to hell.


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