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The California 10-day clock is ticking on a standoff-tool in silver and black and .22 caliber – not my first Ruger but my first plastic fantastic 10/22 utility tool. All my other gun purchases have had some passion, some lust, and some soul to them – but this was like buying a weed-eater and a gas-can to fill it. Only because of the California One-Party Politburo Stupidslature and Ass-Clown Circus, I have to wait and “cool down” as if I were a hotheaded teenager – for a tool? I can’t throw a chainsaw far enough. Bah!
The thing about this and the skunk revelation, is that living out in the Country I should have had one all along, and I should have known that. And now I’m thinking Leupold VX-1 Rimfire Rifle Scope 2-7x28mm. Costs about as much as the gun but makes it precise-er and has very positive reviews.
Tick-tock. I get to wait it out, and probably by the time the little carbine comes out of sequester the skunk(s) will be long gone – but if they’re not then I have a tool that fits the shape of the problem, and country-style problems often come in multiples. Do I need a laser rangefinder yet? Hmmm.


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11 thoughts on “Tools and Civilization

  1. I got a UTG 1.5-6×44. Big aperture, adjustability, lighted reticle in 2 colors if you want, and something about paralex setting at 100 yards. P/N SCP3-1564L1. Got it through Amazon I think, at somewhere in the $50-$60 range. Had it on my Hi Point at GBR. Works for me from 10 to 200 yds.

  2. Most people who want to work with a ‘scope for precision hits eventually end up using a bi-pod for vision stability. Partly this is due to zooming their focus higher than really needed, but the biggest problem is a ‘scope magnifies your wandering POA. Then you start chasing it, because it gets very obvious, and things get bad. (mounting a visible laser on a gun will show you how steady you can actually hold it. Most people are not steady enough. Caffeine and various meds can cause real problems in this area.)

    What location/position do you anticipate shooting from? Porch railing, doorway, window, side corner of house? If shooting from an opening or corner, make darn sure you get the muzzle beyond the aperture/frame.

    • Good point about stability and magnification, which is why a fixed power was/is appealing. I was going to shoot off the deck (if need be) using the railing as a rest, or using my shooting sticks. Preferably under the shade of an umbrella! I could also go prone on my mat, and still use a rest.

  3. You should be looking specifically for a .22 rated scope. They are designed for close range <100yds work, generally. Parallax is the problem, IIRC. Still, you want the largest tube size you can find, preferably 30mm, but no smaller than 1", and as large a bell as you can fit on the gun. This all goes toward light "gathering", especially good when you will be shooting in lower than optimum light levels.
    If possible, borrow a scope that is in the power range you think you need, and glass your intended target at the range you require (back fence?). Can you see detail enough to take a head shot? Generally, the higher the power, the less light you will be getting, so you need to settle on the least power that you can use, at the time of day you expect.

    • The back fence is 100+ yards away, and the appearance of the stink-weasel happens more in the 70-foot range (after 7:000PM), which is almost too close for comfort or spray-emissions.
      The powerful and clear Leupold 4-12x40mm variable could not focus up on the back wall of the Big-5 sporting goods store, it was too close at max-zoom. I need to go to my local shop and get hand-on. There’s a discontinued fixed power 4×32 Nikon rimfire on eBay that is temptingly in the price range.

    • Is that a rimfire scope? I was thinking of a straight-up 4x since I’m not gonna be shooting .22LR out past 100 yards most likely, but maybe a low power variable for close in shots. Any advice appreciated.

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