Mowing Dilemma: Wildlife.

The memorial service went well and there were people in attendance I have not seen in ages because I have not been in the congregation for a long while. The sanctuary has been changed since I was a child playing under the pews and dipping a toe in the cold waters of the baptismal. It used to be that after a good floor polishing, we kids would take a running start and see how far we could belly-slide, counting each row. Now there is carpet and the pews are arranged in a semi-circle.

Meanwhile out in the pastureland a family has taken up play-time among the tall grasses. The female turkeys were chased away with a flurry of tall tails, but later a big tom came to protect the hens – or something. He was putting on a display anyhow.

And previously a large buzzard was watching from a fencepost, and later enjoying a snack in the tall grass…

So I am reluctant to venture out into the pasture and continue cutting and bagging the grass because of odoriferous guests. It might be time to wait and let Nature take its course, since the buzzard did seem to be enjoying some king of dinner and there are hawks a plenty in the tall trees. Now full-circle, I understand the point of having a .22 rifle is maintaining a standoff distance from pests.


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8 thoughts on “Mowing Dilemma: Wildlife.

  1. Sometime even a good headshot on a skunk will not stop the release of the odoriferous liquid.
    For intentionally gut shooing a animal so it suffers, I hope that the shot animal would crawl under one of the shooters buildings and die in a inaccessible location.

    And for the odor,

    • Cruelty is not an option. Thank you for that link. Fortunately the little guy only shows up in the evening when I’m not out there working, and his family is not with him. But it’s clear my arsenal is lacking a .22 for standoff purposes, and any excuse to get another gun is a good one.

    • A friend with some skunk experience says a body shot by pellet gun will cause the skunk to crawl off and die where it’s comfortable. That doesn’t sound like hunting-sporting but varmints are another critter. I need a scope to do headshots at distance and finally feel a critical lack in .22 weaponry. The old Pope barreled Olympic single shot pistol is nice but I’m not a 20 yard pistolero with a .22 much.

    • Yes they are carriers, so bad in more than one way for a pet dog, and there’s LOTS of them around, one road in particular, always at the same spot always has some skunk roadkill – there should be a skunk-crossing sign warning drivers.

  2. Skunks are the worst. If you – or any pets – get hit, don’t put faith in the stories of tomato juice. There is a chemical available that Mythbusters said wasn’t 100% effective. What they liked was Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap. Left to its own, that scent lingers for weeks.

    And .22s or a REALLY good air-rifle like Beeman.

    The thing about skunks is they move in and stay. Best to get rid of them somehow, but don’t advertise because they may or may not be “endangered.”

    • Skunks are proof that even a heavily fortified ground offensive can be repulsed by an aerial counter-attack!
      They are jolly little bug-eaters and pretty unafraid of anything for obvious reasons – I was hoping they would only be evening visitors and NOT move in to stay like some horrid Air B-n-B guest or California renter with more rights than the property owner.
      Luckily there are no pets to worry about, and I have a friend who is very keen on air-rifles – something that had as yet failed to spark any interest in me until now! However I often hear shooting around here and my neighbors are cattle people who must deal with a lot of pests, so a .22 is not out of the question but I think my .243 might just vaporize one…

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