Tuckered Out

Funny weather this morning: clear-sky temperatures that had been in the mid 80’s to upper 90’s suddenly plummeted and I awoke to an overcast sky and low 50’s – because anything can happen in the Sierras in the summer (even the foothills), and winter has left for sure. Cold and gray left me staring out the window.
My enthusiasm for mowing and abusing the poor little riding grass-cutter (besides abusing myself sacking the grass), has been satisfied lately, and since it has never received anything but the stick I figured it was time for special oils and emoluments.
I had to find a half-inch ID tube to connect the oil-drain thingamajig that was loose and weeping, and some 30-weight happy-juice for the motor, an unmolested Briggs-and-Stratton ((HAhahahahahah! WordPress spell-check wants to correct Briggs-and-Stratton to “Briggs-and-Castration”! Talk about un-molested or something)) oil-filter, dig out my drip-pan and a big funnel, and get a fresh spark-plug. My rounds lead me to Home Depot and Camino Power for the tube and the oil and oil-filter, and after running up the engine to warm so the oil would flow and drain on the cold morning, I finally wound up at O’Reilly’s for the $2-something Champion RC12YC sparky.
In all that fiddling around with the joyful mechanicking tools, I re-discovered the factory-kit issued spark-plug “tube-wrench” for the KTM, and because that was cheap and lightweight (and packed in my enduro pack where it belongs) I picked-up a $4-something 5/8ths-inch plug-socket at O’Reilly’s for the smaller plug-size that small engines share. On a side note the NGK plug that the KTM uses is a special low-crown high-discharge unit that barely fits between the cylinder top and the tank-bottom and requires a special super-thin plug-wrench just to get it out – and the plug costs something like $30 a unit. You REALLY don’t want to go fouling that without a backup to get you home, so at any time you’re out riding you have a spare $30 plug in you fanny-pack and it’s as good as cash-money to other riders, or a promissory 12-pack.
So now the mower can mow again….hmmm, dammit it could probably use a fresh air-cleaner too…
UPDATE: $20 for a tubular pleated-paper air-filter made in Bangladesh? But it really needed it. No sense getting the mower lubed up if you just choke it.


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8 thoughts on “Tuckered Out

  1. Most of the B&S small engines I’ve seen used a cleanable foam element. Just wash it, coat it with light oil, and you’re done.

    Splurging on a “K&N” style element is something I never considered, although I’ll be looking at yard tractors and a snow blower in a couple of months when we move….

    • This is a fairly new-ish “Intek” motor, 540cc’s and 21hp – less than five years anyhow. Never been a fan of K&N’s paper filters – at least for dirtbikes in dusty environments because with increased airflow comes more grit and oval pistons, but an oiled foam filter is standard… And this one has a pleated cylinder instead.
      I would like to get a John Deere. They have a lot of accessories.

    • Consider making a remote aircleaner setup. For style reasons, small motor makers try to hide filters that are probably too small for the application. Something with more surface area, mounted a bit higher on the mower (out of the dirt collecting zone), would be better in most applications.

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