Wayne’s Silver

Back around the other side of the house the actual “lawn” got a two-inch cut, and we advanced on the embankment pulling weeds and wild grasses and cleaning up in between the daffodils and other bulb-plants. There was a lot of nasty little stuff that crept in during the early spring days, growing around the cut-in steps and wherever purchase was available – and some small shrubs that needed pruning back, including the quince “hedge” which is doing quite well. I just need to prune the low branches and encourage upward growth.
And last week the dogwood got a haircut and it’s ears lifted, to get more light into the interior.

The stuff that I have in a bed along the front walkway looks like a good candidate for embankment ground-cover, and I snapped-off bit of branch and took it around the corner and down Mother Lode Drive to the nursery, to see exactly what it was. On the way a service-station sign reminded me that the truck’s A/C could use a re-charge, but the weather today was cool and mild, with a breeze coming up from the Delta.

What it is: a typical California Fuchsia called “Wayne’s Silver” that grows abundantly and needs little watering or much attention, so it’s about perfect for my neglectful gardening technique. Too much water will make it rot so to err on the dry side is perfect.
I bought ten plants to spread across the embankment that I intend to fully ignore and just let it take-over. Where I already have it growing it does a good job of keeping weeds down and spreading – and Mom liked it a lot, as do the hummingbirds which she also would have loved.
The Memorial service for Mom is in a couple weeks and I don’t look forward much to that, but maybe it won’t be as horribly weird and awkwardly uncomfortable as other events (and people) at the old Church of my distant memory and misspent youth. I wonder if they will make lime-sherbert and 7-Up punch like in the old days…?


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