Got a bug up my ass yesterday, and after the morning work spreading seventeen bags of “gorilla hair” (above), I took a noon-time cool-down ride up Pleasant Valley Road, to Snows Road and up to Apple Hill – and the cool/hot dappled light and smell of pines reinvigorated me to continue with another load of tanbark.
Between three o’clock and 5:30 over twenty-two sacks of wet mulch got laid-down and scattered in a plan that had been brewing in my mind for a while. Nobody at Home Depot came out to help as requested, so in the hot afternoon sun I loaded the sopping and heavy bags myself, and got a good workout (and messy pants and shirt) as the tanbark juice oozed and dripped out of the sacks.

In the morning light it looks OK, better than anticipated. Also I need the exercise and burned a lot of calories in the process. Who needs to count steps and silly stuff like that when other. serious and more effective (as far as improvements go) opportunities to exercise abound?


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7 thoughts on “Tanbarking

  1. Ha ha! counting steps.. think somebody could invent something like…manual labour, it’ll never catch on…is there an app for it?

    • Such a thing? Poor put-upon coffee shop Baristas must count many tiny half-steps!
      I did find a place that FINALLY a.) recognized occupational/manual labor’s caloric demands, and b.) quantified it: Forestry, barking trees – burns 123 in 15 minutes, 492 in an hour.

  2. FYI Fire and gorilla hair mulch.
    Some good info from Greg Rubin, California Native Landscape Design.
    ” apply the mulch 3-4″ thick. What is important is that the mulch quickly consolidates down to less than 1″ thick, making for a poorly oxygenated fuel. To encourage this process, we usually hydrate the mulch several days a week for several weeks”

  3. While I applaud your enthusiasm and drive, you might want to look into bulk delivery. Though 20 bags at 2cubic ft is less than 2 yards… Depending on the delivery fee, and how much you need, it can be a real winner on the cost front. (I always have more places that need – or could use – mulch)

    • Once you go mulch you never go back! It’s an unending process – and there are places nearby who do bulk too, which we considered. With the low volume requirements (20+ bags is just under two yards? I did not even do the math, my bad.) my wife who DID do the math said it was about a wash. Plus I get to scatter it about to cover what I can… Maybe next year once we see how this wears out?

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