Mostly Sunny

I have the feeling this is going to be a short spring as we are already hitting temps in the mid 90’s. Tan-bark around the raised planter beds needs to be replenished, and also around the cinder-block parapet that supports that.
The prairie is about half mowed but the spring(s) are still running, and the center is still very muddy. The clear water in the large spring-pool is kind of marvelous and cool. Maybe I’ll build a little brick “wishing-well” wall around it, complete with a roof and a bucket. Or at least maybe lay down some big stones so I keep from driving the mower into the slop.
Also it might be that a new, more heavy-duty mower – one with three blades and 48-inches is in the future. It’s something I keep thinking about it, so it must be an agenda-item.
A good friend keeps trying to come up with ingenious methods to “fix” it (as if it needs fixing, it don’t) that will never work because he forgets that, “the water comes up from below.” A whole mess of fill-dirt brought in my semi-trucks may raise the pasture a foot or two in places, but at what cost and how will the big trucks get out there without getting stuck themselves? I’m really not interested in having an ass-flat parking lot at any price.
At the Gun Club dinner-meeting last night the discussion turned to the August picnic and raffle, so we drift into summer rapidly. Meanwhile bluebirds have taken up residence in the bird-houses.


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4 thoughts on “Mostly Sunny

  1. Good for your for not wanting to fill in the spring. You might want to dig it out and have a small pond. The wildlife would thank you. Is there enough there to irrigate with?
    It was mid 90’s here today, too hot too soon. After a week of North wind, the hills are brown, and people are irrigating. I’m afraid we are going to have a heck of a fire season, with all the fuel around.

    • There are a couple places where the water just seeps through and makes a mess, but the spring is a real thing and filling it in would be crazy, because the water would still come back – “it comes up from below!” It’s already a (very) small pond, not really enough to irrigate with but the whole area is damp from subterranean water already. Making it a feature might help, at least so I don’t drive the mower into it!
      Yes it’s going to be a high fire season, and proscribed (sic) burns are already happening. I could see three across the American River canyon, over in Swansborough yesterday when I was taking a ride through Apple Hill…

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