Ride the High Country

It was a gorgeous Spring day in the mid-low 70’s with yellow daffodils everywhere – and I needed to run some errands — so I put on my boots, got my dirt-lid, fired up the Boulevard Bomber and rolled out the door.
I had stepped-on and absolutely pasted a sprinkler diverter-thing out in the tanbark while topping the pear tree with the Stihl moto-saw, so I road out the door, up through the narrow country road flanked by blooming daffodils and old rusted barns, and down over the rushing creek — but Home Depot was crowded and too busy, and lacked decent bike parking. Meh – so I rolled-on through and just kept going – out and down the leafy country-twisty part of Forni Road, down to True-Value on Missouri Flat with the cute girls who run the register.
It was a two-three mile bit of dappled-sunlight and green-shadows with lichen on the oaks that is so much a part of living in Flyover that appeals so much to me. Another way of life, far from people glued to handhelds and drugged-out on audio-video stimuli.
I had forgotten how much the moto-endorphin stream lasted and was beneficial. Makes me want to fire-up the mighty KTM and tear-up the pasture. Reportedly they’re workign on a fuel-injected, road-going two-stroke that will meet emissions and have insane power – awesome!! Let’s ride!

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11 thoughts on “Ride the High Country

  1. At some point, I discovered that if I wasn’t riding on a regular basis, I only felt half alive. The positive mental effects of roadracing lasted longer than street riding, normally.
    What got my attention was the time I fired up my ex-racebike (Guzzi LeMans) and rode to work. A co-worker watching me walk across the parking lot commented that until I removed my helmet as I neared the door, he didn’t recognize me. Said I was walking differently.

    Last time I fired a bike up was to take my K1000R ELR down the street to verify function before delivering it to a buyer. 2000? Brain damage keeps me from doing more than putting down a path at the most. Sigh…

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  2. KTM have released the direct injection 2 smoke to be seen in stores later this year… almost enough to make me want to divest from my WR450F….

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