Say hello to my little frien’

While cleaning up deadfall from under the big oak, I came across a bare patch out by the little pear-tree and scraped at it with the rake.
TIINNGGG! Metal on hard-stuff. Not a patch of dirt but a submarine-rock revealed by all the intense rain – and the idea of it lying in wait, torpedoes ready, ate away at me until today.
The ground has firmed-up a bit as the drainage continues so I walked out with the pick, the pitch fork, and the shovel to test the waters and see how big it really was – or if it was a dreaded piece of granite-shelf?
The water table is high here where the old emigrants and 49ers crossing the mountains watered their oxen, and the geology is “interesting.”
Poking around I got a shape figured out and managed to get under it, and despite being about six inches below-grade, between using the crossed-pick and shovel got some leverage to flip it out onto the surface grass with the fork. Big and heavy.
Beneath it where the hole was, water began to fill-in.
I’m gonna have to get some fill-dirt for that.I hitched-up the dumper-trailer to the mower, and drove out to lever it into the back.
Once I got it flipped into place leaning against the angle of the dump-wagon, I used the shovel to lever-up the wagon base while I leaned over to push down and latch the dumper shut.
Meh, did I mention it’s a heavy sumbitch? But my back feels OK.
Then I drove it up to drop it off among the other decorative rocks lining the driveway, I know just the place for it. During the ride-up it put a dent into the “tailgate” of the little wagon.

I’m sure there’s more out there.

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8 thoughts on “Say hello to my little frien’

  1. At the canyon place we had one peeking up in the lawn that was big underground, got a crowbar under it, had to chain it to the pickup to get it out and skidded to the rock wall we were building. I think they were speaking chinese on the bottom of that thing. I was a few years young then, don’t know that I could do it now, even with good leverage…

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  2. That rock is almost big enough for a tripod, a come-along and a chain. It is a lot of work as you have to dig a hole next to the rock, put the chain in and roll the rock onto the chain.
    Then lift the rock with the come-along.
    I have dug a deeper hole next to a rock and rolled the rock into the hole and covered every thing back up. You put a rock a foot or so deeper than it was and it usually does not show ever again. Because you are just moving the dirt and rock into different spaces, ground level stays roughly the same. Might be a little mounding until everything packs back down again.

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