Sun! (and travel)

The bi-polar weather around here is amazing, with a big difference between the Western Slope and the Bay – but the days are getting longer by the minute, and daffodils are in bloom everywhere up here, including on The Embankment at the Ranch.
Drove down Tuesday and spent part of Wednesday with Dad until he got tired of me being there, literally. We spent the evening wading into the piles of paperwork on the kitchen table, figuring out the different accounts and how the money flowed, and sending email notices to far-flung friends. I grilled a steak on my grill-pan that I had brought with me, and it turned out very nice. We talked as we went through the papers, and we choked-up only a few times.
He went to bed early while I stayed up till about 11:00PM when I found a missing link to one past-due billing notice (Mom was correct and they have to fix it), and the soon-due Property Tax bill.
In the morning I got up at 6:00 and went down-stairs to dig-out the coffee-maker and brew a small pot of coffee – and I kept at the paperwork: medical stuff into one stack, billing statements and receipts into another, and Tax documents into a separate basket – and to-shred stuff into a large bin. Dad got up around 7:00 and said it was the first time he had been able to sleep-in that late in years.
We went into the living room and more cleanup began, mostly of old India stuff, but including a discussion about the old derelict 90’s-era TV in the corner which he wanted removed, and identified a few more things to haul-out: an old broken printer and a non-functional garage-sale “shredder” of the old “strip-style” that Mom had acquired. We got the property tax bill written-out and just needed two things – stamps and a working shredder. So we went to Costco.
He used the cart as a walker helping to keep upright in the bright outdoor sunshine, moving from the truck to the brightly lit and bustling interior, but the input of sensations and the effort was a bit much and he got tired. We paused and sat on a metal bench by the Pharmacy. He noted how the powder-coated metal bench would leave grill-marks on your ass after a short sit-down and was NOT the kind of memorial bench we might get for Mom… With a stamp on the bill we went to a late lunch at the Fishmarket, we both got the light-eater’s plate, skewer of rockfish with sliced tomatoes. He mentioned that I might run into traffic traveling home, and I said, “So you had enough of me?” I think I just wore him out, so we took our leftovers and went home.
I loaded the truck with the heavy old 30″ tube-TV and the other stuff, threw a tarp over it, said our good-byes and drove off, wading into the awful-awful terrible BayAryan afternoon rush-hour traffic. At 3:45 It was a parking lot all the way through Milpitas, and my gas gauge showed 1/4 tank as I rolled along at 10mph for mile after mile. Got to Pleasanton and filled-up and hit the road again where things were marginally better, 30mph-ish with bursts up to 50mph. This is awful “togetherness” is shit I do not miss. Eventually things cleared up even more in the EastBay, and getting over the bridge at Benicia the traffic was flowing pretty good at 75mph and better all the way past Dixon, through Davis where the cops were out ticketing (two cars), across the flooded Yolo Bypass, through the dismal bustle of Sacramento, and up into the hills to home at 7:45.

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10 thoughts on “Sun! (and travel)

  1. All we did was ride. I was in the Navy and when we were in port we would get together on Wednesday or Thursday at work and look through Thunder Press for the best looking ride. Saturday morning we were at someone’s house around 7 getting ready to go (and usually having a beer if there was any in their fridge). Up here in NW Washington that part of life pretty much sucks but everything else is nice. We have greenery, things are inexpensive, we don’t have an income tax, and we can own pretty much any gun we want. And carry it.

    • I’m glad we moved to Jefferson California, where I can carry. After days/weeks/months at sea I’m sure a ride was absolutely therapeutic. Some of my old riding buddies were navy guys.

    • It was strangely OK, because I didn’t care. I wasn’t fighting to get home after a lousy day of work or in a hurry to get somewhere – I was just swimming upstream.

  2. I do not envy you the travel through sodium&gomorrah. Good on you for making the effort to go and help Dad. Sure he slept in because you were there to take care of him.
    My dad is fading, but he has given me instructions on what he wants, and so far I’ve managed to keep all the balls in the air. Plus we have sunshine today!

    • Mom was the Controller and CFO for so long Dad had to re-learn how to write a check, and he’s not sure about the disposition of the Benefits either…But he’ll get it figured out with help. My sister is closer but she’s not a financial genius except at spending every last cent.

  3. Why in the name of all that’s holy did you take the Interstate through two cities with all the easier ways to get from south bay to the hills?

    • It’s all one huge glom now, even the southern route over Altamont is heavily traveled and congested and the by-ways are not much better or safer at night in the dark. Just not a fan of the Tracy, Manteca, Stockton, Lodi, Galt Centgral Valley route- travel on 99 is kinda narrow and dangerous.

    • I guess I’m still glad I left. 1997 and headed out of state because I couldn’t afford to buy a house. (Although the POS houses that we looked at are probably worth a fortune now). We used to ride all those back roads every weekend and it was the only really good part about being in the bay area, having hundreds of miles of sunny back roads to explore. The crowding, the dirt, the pollution, the traffic, all horrible.

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