First Cut

Got the pasture cut to about 50-feet deep, 200-fet wide, at 3-inches-tall. Went and scraped-away at some brown spots and threw some grass seed onto it and mulch from the cut. There’s a lot more actual “grass-grass” than weed-stuff since I did a seeding in the fall and it seems to have sprung-up! Put one bag of Weed-and-Feed in the spreader and combined it with a bag of Turf-Builder/crab-grass killer, and made cutting passes until I ran out. Just enough.
We’re down to just to the fringe of the swamp. Glad Trump un-signed the ridiculous EPA US Waterways power-grab, now I am free! And it’s still not navigable. But we’re optimistic that we can Make the Pasture Great Again!


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10 thoughts on “First Cut

  1. Just tell me you are at least composting the clippings, I would so be running my own food converters on that or barttering it out to feed.

    • I’m composting it in place to make the grass more lush and keep the weeds down. My neighbor’s food-converters have plenty of feed and I don’t have a tractor to rake it up or a bag attachment on my cheap little mower – which would spoil it I think? Maybe I need a better mower with that kind of attachment, but I don’t have $3k+ to throw down on a John Deere right now, or a Husqvarna.

    • Thanks! Alittle rain on Sunday will help ease-in the Weed-n-Feed and stuff! But the swamp is still there, and the four springs or “vernal pools” that dry-up, seasonally – it’s not Climate Change!

  2. Good heavens, that is one SERIOUSLY attractive pasture/yard.

    If the brown spots persist, consider spraying them with Roundup, covering them with sand, and putting in the putting greens right next to them. Then you’d have your own little Par 3.

    • Looks better in pictures! I sprayed Roundup on the “broad-leaf dock” that is tough to cut and sends-up a stalk of seeds. A lot returned so it’s a multi-year process. There are spots where it’s kinda gravelly and the mower blades chunk on rocks, and other bare spots that need seeding where I already killed some thistles and dock. There are a lot of ground squirrels that create mounds of brown dirt too, maybe that’s where it comes-from.

  3. Ugh. I won’t have to do this for another month or so up in the NW here, but I am not looking forward it. I have one of those properties that is really too small for a rider mower but takes me a couple hours with a walk behind when the grass is long in the spring. I think my record was emptying the bag 24 times in one cutting. Once summer arrives and the crazy season stops I can do the whole thing in about 40 minutes.

    • I’m always conflicted about bagging the clippings, and even with a riding mower this acre-plus of vegetation takes an afternoon (or morning) to cut – and I have to watch-out for the hidden, dried-up springs so I don’t drop a wheel into one. There are about three, plus just mushy areas.

    • Sorry, the length is a hunnert yards further to the fence , but I only cut mowed into it so far. Neighbors don’t care about shooting as long as it means killing coyotes and rattlesnakes and stuff.

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