So we got a week of clear-lookin’ weather and the Climate Pundits are panicking that the increased temperatures will accelerate the snow-melt and the Great Deluge will begin all over again. Perhaps they should have thought about that and the condition of the dams and levees before wasting a wad on the High-Speed Choo-Choo to Nowhere vanity-project.

I went to work fixin’ the other AR to depressing CA-spe and regain a functioning magazine release without the previously approved Bullet-Button. The Magpul Mossberg-SGA shotgun-stock (with a slightly longer bolt) hooked up to the Exile Machine Buttstock adapter and handles OK. Yeh it’s goofy looking but comfortable enough – and the Bravo Company backing-plate has a QD point on it so it hangs off the sling fine. I just had to move the light around to the other side so I could activate it without the now evil vertical fore-grip. Meh. There’s no end in sight to ideological stupidity in the One-Party Politburo Stupidslature, which is why we want out of California and form the 51st State of Jefferson! Yea-haw! If CA attempts to secede we are the best antidote – a new Red State, easily as viable as Idaho.

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    • Interesting, that’s a cool device in anybody’s game, thanks! It’s like a MagLula stripper-loader! Showing-off full-auto is kinda redundant but fun.
      I have MagPul “Ranger” base-plates to help pull lose all my mags, and since I was late to the party only 10-rounders anyhow, but a LOT of them. They’re like Chiclets.


  1. Didn’t they come out with a new, improved bullet button that meets the new improved requirements of the ban? I saw a video, it had a different rear pin with a lanyard that you could give a tug, the pin slipped out, the upper swung up, voila, disassembly, swap mag. It was quite cool and actually made me want one, except for the whole “using it to change mags” thing. Better, in my mind, than the goofiness that you have happening there.

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    • Yes they did and my neighborhood Gunshop-Guy, Adam was showing it off to me – but it depends on breaking-open the action to make mag-changes, just so you can have a forward grip and a flash-hider? I figured I’d try this for a while…


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