Moar Inundation

Today we’re already good for 1.12″ at this hour, since it deluged last night. Looking at around four more inches in the next 24-hour period. Miner’s Inches I guess, though I never figured-out the math on that since I do pictures and graphics not number-puzzles – and even yet, it still just doesn’t square up with me. I guess I’m not really a very smart person.
Anyhow we got more numbers:


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6 thoughts on “Moar Inundation

  1. I feel for you. Hope you don’t need an ark to ride to even higher country.

    On the flip side, we’ve had a full week of +70 degree weather, keeping the windows open all day and well into the evening hours…in February. From the looks of the forecast we’re in for more.

    I’ll take it where I can get it.

  2. We have had high wind gusts 47+ all day, and expect more tonight, but less rain .18 last 24 hrs. Very glad we took out the dead leylandii cypresses last fall, and had the oaks pruned.

    • 3-1/3″rd inches rain today. Strong winds tonight (8:30pm, Monday) gusting up to 60mph in the high country – and with all the dead beetle-pines from the drought, dangerous-dead trees are falling everywhere. But at least not those that were dropped this summer. Recent updates indicate (and I heard it) 46-mpg gust right here.
      Time for another whiskey.

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