Sunny and Mild

It’s nice to be safe and up-hill from the torrents, and drying out. The flows coming down from the mountains have presented particular challenges to the Oroville, dam which many of you may have noticed in the News-cycle. The Folsom damn has opened the gates and is releasing water in anticipation of more water coming down off the mountains, given the current state of the snow-pack. It’s all just math.
In a normal situation or in a normal state, given that EVERYBODY knows that we we have a LONG history of flooding including 100-year floods – despite being a recently colonized state – the math would add-up and the “Drought” would be over, because water reclamation projects are a signature event and staple of Civilization, going back to ancient times and dams on the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in the cradle of Civilization. The ancient city of Babylon had elevated gardens fed by an intricate and well-engineered hydraulic system, and also the remote, rock-carved city of Petra.
But California Uber Alles, we live in a post-modern, neo-tribal, identity-politic pseudo-Progressive Society and State where the ass-backwards Hippies in San Frandisco want to drain their only water source because Lurv Teh Environment. California has had all sorts of water projects denied and derailed by Environmentalism, with some even weirder ones going forward like the gigantic water-tunnels in the Delta. And the Delta is called that because it floods with regularity and is cross-crossed by multiple series of containment dykes and levees. And don’t get me started on an insignificant baitfish, the equivalent of the so-called Spotted Owl…
Here there is a failure to do the math on the part of Progressive Politics, which requires that the Elites feed money to the various identity groups they keep leashed-up in the cities and use like fighting-dogs to divide and conquer. Money that might have been better spent on infrastructure improvements and “dirty jobs nobody wants to do” (except they pay well), is spent on trivial things to amuse, distract and sometimes annoy the masses – or appease special interest groups. So instead of fixing levees we get a vanity-project like the high-speed choo-choo train to nowhere that nobody really wants or needs at wildly escalating costs…
So anyhow we’re uphill from the flooding that may or may not occur. If it were a real “Ark” event things would be even worse. And no, we’re not up in the Sutter Butes, we’re off to the right.

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  1. I was following the livestream for a couple of hours last night. I heard them get the water level below 901′, where it comes over the emergency spillway, so that’s good. But now you’ve got warmer weather melting the snowpack, and more rain coming later this week.

    It begs the question: Who let it get that full in the first place?

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