Weather Window Shut

An entire week of rain has shuttered the weather window. Some yesterday, two and a third inches today (tonight), and a constant near-term future of slatting-down cold rain. 46-degrees feels like 36 – feet of snow in the Sierra. Meanwhile a brown river is running across the acre+ pasture, a seasonal creek I believe they call it.
To while away my time yesterday before ignoring the Stupor Bowl, I commenced to replacing receptacles on the kitchen back-splash. We are changing color from hospital white to oil-rubbed bronze, to match the faucet and other hardware things and because it also hides them better than a bold white square and they blend into the background. UPDATE:
And it was a job highlighted on the Home Inspection report – make ’em all GFI. It’s not really necessary from a safety standpoint because one GFI stands sentinel over the others in the circuit, but what the hell.
Oopsies: One loose wire hiding behind a plate of switches rendered the refrigerator mute, so it was pulled from its dusty recess and plugged into the island where current flowed – enabling a much needed cleaning of the mysterious land-behind-the-refrigerator – and today that wiring issue was corrected. So a few band-aids were issued: one stab-in-the-hand by an errant screwdriver, and a finger-tip hooked by sharp copper when the insulation came free. Not too bad on the old back either.

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8 thoughts on “Weather Window Shut

  1. Not advisable to have a GFCI on the ‘fridge outlet. The current surge on motor startup can trip them. If the outlet is reachable while the ‘fridge is in place, change it to a single so nothing else can be plugged into that circuit.

    BTW, the GFCI’s with the power on indicator lights are a nice feature to have. It’s annoying to have to trip and reset them to verify a circuit has power, when something isn’t working.

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    • Thanks for the tip, the ‘fridge itself isn’t on a GFI outlet and when it’s pushed-back into the cabinet nothing else can plug-in to the same outlet.
      These GFI’s have a tiny light that lights-up when they have been tripped so you know when to re-set them.


  2. Looking good! I’d be checking EVERY switchplate and outlet in the house, just to make sure the wires are tight. I did that on move in, found three (high use ones) that were actually loose due to the repeated heating/cooling working the screws loose.


    • We had a bunch of loose outlets at the Airport Lounge that were simply worn from previous people flicking the cord out of ’em. That’s a bad way to treat electricity. Another had a spill that left a smoke-streak on the wall that I replaced.


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