Chicken Dinner

Had a wonderful evening-out at the Gun Club Banquet last night. Ran into the same couple from last year, and two additional guys who traded flying stories, deployment stories, and stories from our former location and our new home. Bought a few $1 raffle tickets and won a gift certificate to one of our favorite locations, and then when the guns started up my name was called for the Stoeger Coach Gun! Woo-hoo!!
Now I have the necessary trifecta for Cowboy Action shootin’ – a single action Vaquero, the Rossi lever, and now a shorty scattergun. HBTM!


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13 thoughts on “Chicken Dinner

  1. Yes, a more comfy butt-pad and lots of LIGHT Target or LIGHT Game loads. Learn to shoot and appreciate it before you try to find out what it will do with the throttle pinned to the floor.

    Mine uses 3 inch Magnum bismuth or tungsten shot when duck and goose hunting, and 3 inch Magnum brenneke slugs when hunting deer or for bear defense, but between 5 and 15 rounds out of either of those will be the end of your shooting day.

    Like a Scout rifle, it is a compromise. Too short and light to take out and shoot multiple rounds of Sporting Clays with, short bbl makes it noisy in an enclosed duck blind, not enough ammunition to be a SWAT team’s entry weapon, bead sight that really isn’t ideal for hunting mammals, it’s advantage is that it does all of those things adequately well.

    From one shotgun.

    That will fit in a briefcase.

    • I’ve already shot one and liked it right off the bat. Been wanting one ever since, but all I’ve encountered so far is the cut-rate versions (lesser fit-and-finish) at Big Five.
      But I’ll come up and shoot yours, anyhow. Maybe I can bring one or two of my lever guns and we can play cowboys….

  2. May yours bring as much satisfaction and peace of mind as mine has.

    I was never much of one for naming Firearms, but my hunting partner looked at mine, in high polished chrome with a black painted Walnut stock, and called it a “Pimp-gun”. After our first wild boar hunt together with the “Pimp-gun” as my primary gun, and 4 thoroughly and completely deceased boar later, he decided that it worked like an African double. I forget which African author referred to his double .500 Nitro as a Crumpler, but the name stuck. Thus was born, the “Pimp-Crumpler.”

    I’m pretty sure that name is only funny to a couple people, but it brings a smile to my face. I think you’ve chosen a good name for yours. Enjoy.

  3. It’s not an expensive or an elegant gun, but if you take the time to learn its strengths and weaknesses, you may find that it becomes your favorite shotgun.

    I bought my first one in the 1990s specifically because, when taken apart, it fit into a neat little Boyt case which fit into hard bags on my BMW motorcycle. It became my go everywhere shotgun.

    It has been to about half of the United States, has been with me to hunt for everything from Dove and quail through ducks and geese and on up to wild boar and deer. Has taken them all with alacrity.

    It doesn’t appear to be a martial weapon of any kind, but you would be much better off than with any side arm. It goes into luggage and in and out of hotel rooms without batting an eye or causing the desk clerk to ask if you’re going what’s in the case.

    I have no idea how many tens of thousands of rounds I’ve put through mine, but it has become my sport utility shotgun for use just about everywhere, and it goes with me just about anytime I go anywhere.

    Mine has the fixed improved cylinder and modified chokes, my wife’s has the choke tubes. It has the improved cylinder and modified chokes fitted, the other chokes are still new in box, in the box they came in. Just an amazingly useful little shotgun, once you learn to deal with it.

    I did fit a recoil pad on my original, my wife’s came with a good recoil pad but we improved it to a much softer pad. These are also the guns that go with us to Alaska for Bear defense.

    Not perfect for anything, but good enough for almost anything. Mine even goes Sporting Clays shooting, where I found that I was consistently about two to three birds behind the same course shooting my Browning 325 competition gun. Go figure.

    Congratulations! I hope you enjoy it and come to learn to spend time with it.

    • I took to mind your recommendation of this little gun and the appreciation you have expressed for it, so I decided to open my mind and heart to it.
      It’s blue steel and walnut and looks to be of stout and sturdy bulldog character – I’m gonna call it Winston. 🙂

    • This was a relatively small gathering where they try to get stuff out to people, unlike the big NRA things where they try to get as much money out of you as they can. The gun was a donation from another club member, so I should look into my safe and see what I have, how to pass it forward.

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