Grandpa’s Other Hunter

This rifle was one he built, before there were AR-lego rifles. The Herter’s compensator is interesting and the scope is still clear and bright – just not modern. The wood is a nicely grained stick he inletted from a blank.
Too bad about the drill and tap, but if you want a scope that’s the only way – besides old MilSurps were not considered very useful as-is back in the day, and I’m guessing the most expensive thing on this at the time of the build was the brand-new scope. So to date this, how old is a one-inch Weaver K3 60 with a post and crosshair, marked “El Paso”? As far as the mounts go, I understand that these Split Ring Tip-Off mounts were introduced in 1953, and I read that in 1954 Bill Weaver came out with the 60 series. I think that is probably about the right era for this rifle.















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13 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Other Hunter

  1. Holy bejebus! The rifle my grandpa gave me, and that I carry hunting every year, is almost a doppelganger to your rifle – it has a weaver K-6 with fine crosshairs, and an original length barrel / no compensator. And oh man is it a shooter! Just get a waterproof scope cover for rainy conditions, those old weavers fog up easy.

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    • Hi and thank-you Cody! You must have had an amazing and loving Grandpa too! I’ll get a scope cover.
      I have a Weaver K6 with fine cross-hairs off the 70’s era .243 Mauser so maybe that’s a swap, but the post and cross-hair picks-up very fast.


  2. What is the reason for the dog-leg bolt handle?

    I wonder if that scope might be capable of being sealed internally? Would require some disassembly, or assembly/parts prints, to ponder. Probably not worth the effort, unless you wanted to continue using it for real.

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    • I think M1917’s are that way because of cock-on-closing?

      There’s a guy who re-builds Weaver scopes but I’m not sure it’s water-proofable. I’ll shot it like this at the gun-club and change it for an actual hunting trip.


  3. I love stuff like this. Such a window into the past. When I had my FFL, I would occasionally handle the disposition of estate firearms. One time there was an Arisaka that had been re-done in 250-3000 savage. If memory serves, it had a weaver (K-4?). The wood stock (not the original) was plain and straight grain. It looked to be a home project, utilitarian, plainly done, but a solid rifle. Sold it to a dad/son combo who were shopping for the lad’s first rifle for his first deer hunt. Perfect.

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    • The stock is very solid and dense, not sure what wood it is but it’s hard! I have a K4 Weaver off the .243 Czech Mauser that’s in nicer shape, but the post and cross-hair is easier to pick-up and the scope is still pretty bright.
      Just not waterproof or nitrogen purged or multilayer-coated etc.


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