Rain, rain, rain, sunlight, rain, rain…

Rain, rain, rain, sunlight, rain, rain… The snow melted and quickly turned to rain, with over two and a half inches falling yesterday, and total of four inches just this month – with a season (July 1st to June 31st.) total of 24.84 inches already. By comparison, last Year-to-Date was only 0.11 inches. The Chandler Fire-Danger index is in the negative at -1.9 so we’re good on that.
The Sierra snow-pack is healthy indeed, but more rain is coming from Hawaii on Saturday which will melt some of the snow-pack and push river-levels higher and there is a flood-watch in effect. When it was raining just before Christmas, we drove around at night looking at the Christmas-lights on houses. IN the drenching rain the run-off water down in El Dorado, at the intersection of Hwy 49 in front of Poor Red’s, was so deep that I was pushing a bow-wave off the front of the truck, as high as the fenders for 100-feet. A car would have never made it through.
Meanwhile after two weeks, the snot-monsters and hacking cough have turned productive and are clearing up, and this nasty cold is finally starting to diminish.

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  1. Hope your cold is getting better.

    Looks like an awful lot of that snow is going to be turning to liquid and flooding by my neighborhood in the next few days. Should be exciting around here.

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