Happy New Year Snow

It was raining all night and the sound of that put me to sleep, so when it was still this morning I looked out the window and the rain had turned to snow and was falling quietly. It got to about five inches thick on the chaise lounges, and enough built-up on the satellite dish that my router lost touch, and the TV-dish also lost signal. On the advice of a buddy I went outside, and since it’s not THAT cold here I sprayed them off with the hose and reception returned.
It was all gone by 10:AM but maybe we’ll get some more tonight with the second “storm.” It was never really stormy, it’s just a weather pattern.
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My cough and cold are getting better each day, but I had to venture out for more Kleenex and whiskey. And chicken-soup.

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8 thoughts on “Happy New Year Snow

  1. I uses 303 spray on ours to keep it from getting ice/snow stuck on it. We seldom get more than a skiff of snow, so I don’t know how well it would hold up were you are.

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    • Thanks Jim, interesting! That makes sense if you;re in a very snowy or freezy environment (Wisconsin/Minnesota), but this is a once-a-year kinda thing – if even that often – and I wouldn’t want to try and get power up to that!


  2. One thing you can do to help reduce snow buildup on your dish antenna is to spray it with some silicone spray.

    Some people use “PAM” cooking spray, but I’ve always used silicone spray lube.

    As the snow builds up, it slides off.

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