The Last Friday of 2016

Hope you-all are enjoying the in-between time as the year changes. Christmas was festive but congested, preceded by a sore throat that grew into a wooley head of snot-monsters. Great green gobs as the song goes. So meh. And glurg – and a variety of patent medicines grace the kitchen counter for dealing with the symptoms, but I fail to see how the etymology of phlegm gives rise to the “phlegmatic” temperament.
Happy New Year all y’alls! Stay safe, the World is not without its dramas.

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The semi-sprawling adventures of a culturally hegemonic former flat-lander and anti-idiotarian individualist, fleeing the toxic cultural smug emitted by self-satisfied lotus-eating low-land Tesla-driving floppy-hat wearing lizadroid-Leftbat Califorganic eco-tofuistas ~

8 thoughts on “The Last Friday of 2016

  1. This time, the calendar is wrong. First time in our lifetimes, I think.

    The real NEW YEAR will begin on January 20th, 2017.

    And that is truly something to celebrate.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

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  2. Sorry about your misery, Though I’m seldom sick, Umcka ColdCare works well around here.

    I’m opening the bubbly and feeling blessed that I had Dad around for another year.
    Happy New Year!

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