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  1. The u. S. Army took a bunch crew cab IH pickups, and with a bodge up of a generator trailer, 2 aircraft HF tranceivers, a few other odds and sods bits. made the AN/MRC-117 a semi-tactical HF truck for *special* weapons detachment omobile communications in Europe. From the Netherlands to as far as Turkey. Had one in 1975-76, then they pulled the late 60’s early 70’s IH and replaced it with a crew cab Dodge, by transplanting the same bits in the rear seat of the cab, and the bits in the truck body, under a specially made aluminum cover.


  2. Ref the stamped markings on 1ea Rigle, semi-automatic, Cal .30 U.S. Rifle M-1.

    The stamped alpha numericals on all the parts, refer to dwg numbers, heat treating lot nos, steel lot nos, sub contractor id’s, and other such esoteric info, for truly ocd’ers that want a rifle to be “As it rolled of the assembly line”

    There’s bunches of places that reference all the alpha numerics on the parts.

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    • I have Scott Duff’s 2nd encyclopedia od Garand-stuff, “The M1 Garand: Post World War II” and it has a lot if the drawing numbers and heat-lot stampings. I could try and “restore” this but unless something is seriously deficient I should trust the last re-arsenal’s work better than my own! 🙂


  3. I know where my old International Scout is still driving around near Portland Oregon. Want me to call the guy and see if it’s for sale?

    I swear that thing is a vampire. One of the first SUVs, built by a commercial truck manufacturer with no eye towards looks or Style, just made out of commercial truck parts. What a bombproof machine.


    • Those are great machines! Used to be a place where we lived that specialized in them, “Anything Scout.” You see them occasionally on a trailer as a Rubicon rig, built way-out. Bombproof indeed, you could make three Corollas out of the steel in one Scout.


    • 3 corollas or 2 full CJ’s. Ugly, slow on highway, pretty bad gas mileage. We got bored one time and winched it up the side of a medium sized cliff. Frame was VERY strong.

      Engines were bombproof, too. My brother changed the oil, didn’t get the filter on properly, ran it for 9 miles after filter came off and oil went away. Had to replace 2 lifters, other than that, no problem. Would smoke a little when it was cold after that, go figure.

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