Adios 501’s, No Mas Levis

Ten+ years back I quit wearing button-fly 501’s that I grew-up with because every time I worked outside or in the garage they raised an unpleasant stink on my legs that was not just me.
My wife noticed it too, and it didn’t wash-out, so I suspected the classic late 90’s brand-strategy of off-shore cost-cutting by Levi’s with cheap Chinese or Pakistani or…something fabric.
Also the Levis HQ in SF is notoriously busy with social-engineering causes and climate hooey, and some former friends who worked there were the worst sort of Virtue-Signalers you could possibly imagine. Pure elitist BayAryans.
Now there is another reason to quit the old haberdasher, as noted by Calvin at Voices Inside My Head, a silly self-aggrandizing posture of the Loud Levis Pharisees: Levi’s: No Firearms in Our Stores. Thanks.
So for years I wore cargo-khakis instead, until getting up into Flyover Country where Wranglers are prevalent. Also Wranglers come in only a few varieties and fabrics instead of a dizzying array of Urban stylings: Slim, Regular, Full – and a couple different colors. It’s so much easier to grab a pair.

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17 thoughts on “Adios 501’s, No Mas Levis

  1. No Levis jeans since the “read my lips…” era. Last type bought were the Wrangler sub-brand “Rustler”, from Walmart. In black, since I developed an allergy to indigo dye from wearing uniforms in Navy. (That was weird.) Decent, well made, and cheap. Few years ago, I went in for another batch. Holy Hell! did they ever turn into junk! I’d be embarrassed to even have that crap on the shelf, let alone try to sell it. The effects of inflation on quality strikes again.
    Started haunting the clearance section at LAPG for pants.
    That 5 year stint of wearing uniforms also caused me to develop a sensitivity to polyester, which is a pain when clothes shopping. (thanks CHP! [I was already allergic to wool, the alternative in uniform fabric])

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  2. Love Wranglers, always have, always will.
    Hung many a pair on the line with pant stretchers to get those perfect creases the Cowman required…


    • Ok I’m having an acronym attack. I wear the 936 Slim Cut Wranglers, sometimes the “regular” cut if I’m carrying. EDIT: Actually carrying the Shield today wearing Slim Cut – boy is my ass old-man skinny.


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