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6 thoughts on “Remembrance

  1. There are a number of crewmen still onboard in that photo. One is dangling from the crane winch cable. Question is if he is being picked up from the water, or transferred from a bad location to a better one on the ship, or intended for that boat?

    How many do you count?

    • For some reason, the resolution of your photo seems to change from day to day. Anyway, Mostly I’m seeing what appears to be light-colored shirts and hats in a few different locations, but can’t make 100% claims. Maybe seven total. For instance, there seems to be one, or two, just above the cable guy’s head level.

  2. I spent all day down on the Battleship Iowa today for the Pearl Harbor ceremonies.

    I got to meet two Pearl Harbor Survivors, both in their 90’s. What wonderful gentlemen!

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