The Emu – at least I think that’s what it is.

A(nother) case for EDC-everywhere. This sum’bitch came quietly wandering up the drive after I had rolled-up the garbage cans to their pick-up location. I turned around and flat stopped in my tracks.
big-bird peckerhead
He (?) was in no hurry, despite the neighbor’s dogs (a white-wolf type and a German Shepard) across the fence barking like crazy.
I thought the dogs were just noisy because they wanted pets from me, but nooo.
He was about as tall as me, and with a similar size shoe-print, and that scared me. His slow and deliberate gait indicated s(he) wasn’t afraid of nobody. Somebody’s escaped pet I suppose, but I hesitate to call an Emu a “pet” because they are just nasty big and ornery birds.
The dogs were barking like crazy and he didn’t care, I picked-up a stick laying on the ground and raised up my arms over my head and repeated, “Keep moving!” And he slowly walked down the road away towards another house.
I didn’t check to see if (s)he had a collar.

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16 thoughts on “The Emu – at least I think that’s what it is.

    • If males laid eggs, pretty sure we would all be hearing about it… lol…
      They kill the emus to get the fat, to make the oil. Don’t know what emu meat tastes like, have a feeling it’s an acquired taste.

    • I did, and there was no wattle or crest, and the plumage was not as dense or compact or colorful around the body, and extended upward more.
      Also there’s an Emu farm nearby… Escape of the Emus! And it’s 32-degrees outside right now, not much about up here that is tropical cassowary country.

    • A juvenile Cassowary? Can you tell something from the feathers? The feathers were not a fully thick coat – or maybe it’s this time of year. It also lacked much color and there was no comb on the head-top…
      If he/she uncurved and stretched the neck it would be taller than my 6′-1″ height, which frightened me.
      I remember seeing a two-wattle Cassowary in a zoo in Calcutta when I was a kid, and the family all remembers the plaque that read: “From the Wammer and Kapoor Islands”…

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