Unseen, lying beneath the surface on either side of the steps cut into the embankment, are some two-dozen bulbs waiting to be triggered by the change in season. I’m glad I did it yesterday when it was a bit warm still, because today is just cold and gloomy. All that elbow-twisting in the dirt with the circular bulb-planter device left me with a tweak in the neck-shoulder. Meh. Ibuprofen.
And for your pleasure:

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4 thoughts on “Dadffodils

    • It will look nice and help hold soil on the embankment. There’s a place down in Amador County called Daffodil Hill that is visited by many tourists and schoolkids, they have hundreds of thousands over a big expanse, quite spectacular. Same family in multiple generations.

  1. Yep, as we ‘age’ Ibuprofen IS our friend! We’re getting a cold snap this week, so I’m trying to get everything outside done before it hits!

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