Happy Thanksgiving

The main storm had blown through in the night and another was forecast for the afternoon, so with chains in sack in the back, we hit the road to Tahoe. Forest Route 5 (Mormon Emigrant Trail/ Iron Mountain road) through Sly Park was closed at the end where it meets Highway 88 due to snow, so we took Highway 50 figuring if the snow was too deep and chains were required, the most help we might find would be on 50 anyhow.
Fortunately no chains were required and with a little coaching from the Chain-Control guy holding a STOP-sign, I managed to find 4-Wheel Hi for the third time in ten years…
We parked at the Heavenly Gondola and made our way to Base Camp Pizzeria for lunch – the same (popular) Menu as Wally’s in Cameron Park! The gondola was churning with skiers and we opted-out of that experience.
For the first time in many years there was snow on the lake-shore, and right outside our hotel door – so my wife made a snow angel.
We had a light late-lunch and retired for the night, anticipating the big Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday – and it did not disappoint, with the best oysters I ever had – fresh and clean with not a speck of grit or brine, Alaskan crab legs, shrimp, Prime rib that melted in your mouth, a bit of turkey breast – it was a buffet of the absolute highest standard. And a bit of dessert.
Black Friday dawned cold but clear, and with the anticipation of a massive crowd-scene at the resorts, we packed our bags and hit the road again, homeward bound. Once again there was only light traffic in our direction, but as we approached Strawberry and later Kyburz, the on-coming traffic was clearly stacking up, and at Apple Hill it was a dead-stop traffic-jam going in the Tahoe direction, mainly because Apple Hill is a Christmas tree-cutting destination and seasonal attraction. Good to be home!
PS: Fidel Castro is dead! YEAH!!

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9 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

    • And the crowds! 😉 The drive up through the snow-covered trees in the hush of snowfall was magical. Driving back in the bright clear light with the snow already fallen-off or melted-off the tree limbs, and the road was gray with dirty slush – not quite as magical.

  1. Sounds like you two had a good Thanksgiving, love the snow angel, by the way! You went right by what used to be my granny’s cabin on 50 at Twin Bridges, Lots of good memories of that place.

    • I’ll wave hello next time! Was a bit afraid of that big uphill right-hander at Twin Bridges given the skinny tread-depth on the tires, and that steep downhill on the return-trip had me a bit edgy, so today I went and got fresh rubber on all four corners: Cooper Owl “Discoverer” – still got almost 74K miles out of the old Costco Michelins…

    • Yay to new rubber on your ride. I just had to put 4 new darn run flats on, they tweaked one of my rims mounting, now it’s on…
      Loved watching the hwy 50 wagon train come down that grade (at the twin cabin) as a kid. Quite the sight to see. They go from stateline to Placerville each year in June.
      Some of the Hwy 50 wagons/teams will be in the Placerville christmas Parade Dec 4

    • We have seen the wagon train in town but not on the highway, that must be quite a sight!
      I would prefer things like vehicle-tires and property-tax to manage themselves somehow, but still I have to intervene…

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