Screw it, I’m painting!

Picked-up the deck-paint order at HD and it’s a nice warm day today – I’m puttin’ down some paint while this lasts! Tomorrow the forecast is rain in the early AM, and the mower can sit out for that — and I don’t want to wait around for Springtime to get this done.
So, around noon time I rolled on the primer which was more like Elmer’s glue than anything else, hopped in the truck and took the 4-gal bucket back to HD for a whole lotta shakin’ and the special closed-cell foam roller-applicator. A fuzzy polyester roller just wouldn’t work with this goop.
By the time I got back the primer had set-up enough to start rolling it out. Sticky-gooey gritty-messy delicious weird junk that came out of the bucket-spout like runny peanut-butter – but first I cut-in around the base with a disposable brush, because this and the roller-pan tray was not getting a clean-up.

Now I hope it sets-up and cures over the next few days – I’m gonna leave it alone till Monday or Tuesday anyhow.


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8 thoughts on “Screw it, I’m painting!

    • Thank-you very much! We went up in the morning on Wednesday with the snow-flurries, but between storms to Tahoe. Didn’t even need the chains despite the worn front tread, and just put it in 4xHi and rolled over Echo Summit. It was gorgeous, and much fewer people than Summertime, but seeing the long lines of foreigners at the Heavenly Gondola made us go Meh – and we found an uncrowded place for a drink before check-in at the hotel…


    • Hey howdy! Have not heard from Phil (or David for that matter) from RNS, but his last comment makes me suspect that his new job was getting a bit too interesting. Hey your car looks nice, did you find 180hp in there? 🙂


  1. Oh, crap. If that stuff doesn’t flow out, all those nooks and crannies will collect dirt, and be impossible to clean short of a pressure washer/steamer. However, it should be decent traction for the tractor. Not a good place to change oil, or do lube jobs, unfortunately.

    You really want a level base, with raised edges for traction, so it is cleanable.

    I had to laugh, a couple days ago. Watched a full sized mouse run across my buddies garage floor. From a standing start, he looked like a cartoon character, as his paws churned away at the painted surface, while he slowly built up a mild bit of speed. Having just slipped on that slick surface while wearing socks (shoes are kept outside the connecting door), I could sympathize a little.


    • I do the oil changes and work like that in the garage with all the tools and stuff, so the shed is mainly for mower and yard-tool storage. However the mower (and my boots) can bring along dirt, mud, grasses and crud – and wetness that makes it slippery for me. So this layer should 1.) seal the slippery raw wood, 2.) give ME the the traction I want/need, and 3.) be cleanable with the Shop-Vac if I use a long extension cord. 🙂


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