Last of the Tomatoes

I picked the last of the cherry-tomatoes for the last batch of gazpacho this morning. It was cold at 45-degrees, which meant that I didn’t need ice in the blender. The cucumber has big seeds and there was a lot to scrape-out, but the Anaheim pepper I threw-in was easy to seed. I’m gonna need more olive-oil after this, but I’m good on the red-vinegar.
A cold afternoon means I probably won’t get around to painting the shed-floor even if the paint shows-up at Home Depot, because reportedly it has the viscosity of peanut-butter – and may require a different type of roller instead of the fuzzy polyester kind. But the clouds have cleared and the sun is bright and beautiful, and there are no protestors anywhere around here so I don’t have to worry about getting tie-dye on the fender of my truck.

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5 thoughts on “Last of the Tomatoes

  1. You may still be able to paint the floor, if you have a salamander heater (propane is better than kero). Crack one door open enough to point it in, and run if for a bit. Check the temp at the floor level. If it’s not warm enough, mount a tarp over the top of the door opening and halfway down to retain more heat. If the wind is blowing, you may have to baffle the doorway to block it somewhat. Keep the heater running after you finish spraying until the paint sets up. If you have a small propane bottle heater, hang it inside for more cure time, if you don’t want to run the bigger heater.
    Make sure you get enough air to breathe.


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